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Faking Figs
Matthew 21:18 - 22:14
Meet Head Pastor Matt Smith
San Diego Pastor Matt Smith
Pastor Matt has served at Barabbas Road Church in San Diego since its inception in 2008. He is dedicated to preaching and teaching the Word... read more
Small Groups - Invest Your Life In Discipleship
Apologetics at Barabbas Road Church in San Diego
Small Group gatherings are usually around 5-10 people who meet in homes throughout San Diego on a weekly basis. These groups are open to anyone who wants to go. The purpose for the groups is discipleship. Said simply, discipleship is the process of learning to live more and more like Christ.  Find A Small Group
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Welcome To Barabbas Road Church

If this is your first time to our site we have already prayed for you. We are Barabbas Road Church, located in San Diego, CA. Our services meet at 10:00am at Pacific Beach Middle School near La Jolla CA and Pacific Beach CA communities. If you are new to church or have been searching through local churches in San Diego, we invite you to come on out and meet men and women that have been set free from sin because of Jesus. We are the body of Christ. We are Barabbas, and we invite you to join us.
Who Is Barabbas?
Barabbas Road Church Calendar
Pastor Matt Smith's San Diego Church Blog
How To Give At Barabbas Road Church
San Diego Pastor Matt Smith
Barabbas, along with many churches in san diego, uses an online giving solution called EasyTithe. To learn more about how to give please click here.